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Materials For Earmolds

LUCITE (Polymethyl Methacrylate)
A hard, clear material for all earmolds.  A heat curing process is used for this material which assures complete polymerization for a transparent appearance.  Also used with a Lucite bowl/full flex canal combination for better comfort.

SEMI FLEX (Polymethyl Methacrylate)
A material that has the same appearance as Lucite, but will soften at body temperatures for better comfort. Also used with a semi flex canal combination for better comfort.

SKIN FLEX (Thermo Poly Vinyl Chloride)
A tinted translucent material, for cosmetic acceptability.  This flexible material provides a comfortable fit for the wearer.  Optional day - glo colors are available.

MEDI LIGHT (Medical Grade Silicone Based Thermoplastic)
This is a soft, light floatable material which is non-shrinking.  It provides the ultimate in comfort and a good acoustic seal.  It is especially appropriate for swim plugs, and available in several colors.

MEDI SIL (Medical Grade Silicone Rubber)
A pink, translucent material that is flexible inert rubber, from which all earmolds - except CROS, HF and SFA molds can be made.  This material has good hypoallergenic properties.

MEDI SIL II (Super Soft Medical Grade Silicone Rubber)
This very soft material is recommended for very hard to fit cases, where it can provide a very comfortable fit.

TRUE TIP (Soft Medical Grade Silicone Rubber)
A pink, translucent superior silicone material base with a soft opaque white canal that provides an unsurpassed seal and comfort.  It is available on the Medi-sil Earmold models #2 Skeleton, #3 Shell, and #12 Canal.

OTO SEAL (Polymethyl Methacrylate)
A beige colored material for earmolds production which softens at body temperature more than the Semi Flex option - for excellent comfort.

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